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Award Recipients


Award Recipients

Each year, at our annual event, Leadership Lackawanna presents several awards. Past awards include the Legacy Award, Alumni Leader of the Year, Class Leader of the Year, Shining Star, Volunteer of the Year, Advisor of the Year and the Chairman's Award

The Legacy Award is presented to an individual for their visionary leadership and commitment to excellence. This person has made a significant lasting impact on our organization and the region. 

The Alumni Leader of the Year Award is presented to a graduate of the organization who best embodies our philosophy. The award recognizes a graduate who has used the Leadership Lackawanna experience for the betterment of the community. 

Recipient of the Class Leader of the Year award exemplifies the desired outcomes of the Leadership Lackawanna program through his or her actions during the class year. This person serves as an inspiration and role model for the other members within the class. 

The Shining Star Award is presented to a member of the current class who is positive, enthusiastic, encouraging and engaging. Overall, their above-average dedication to the program—consisting of improving it, expanding it and spreading its message to others—makes them worthy of this award. 

The Volunteer of the Year Award honors a deserving volunteer who has gone above and beyond. Leadership Lackawanna wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the support of volunteers, including our board members, committee members and community partners. This award recognizes a person’s dedicated and distinctive level of support, time, hard work, commitment and service to our organization. 

The Chairman’s Award recognizes an individual for outstanding service to the entire Leadership Lackawanna organization. 

The Advisor of the Year Award recognizes exceptional guidance, mentoring and encouragement of the leadership project(s).

Past Award Winners

Alumni Leader of the Year Award

Jill Valentini, 2019
Alana Roberts, 2018
Kristen Shemanski, 2017
Meegan Possemato, 2016
Robbie Risley, 2015
Kristen R. Noll, 2014
Lindsey R. Loss, 2013
Susan Luchko, 2012
Mark Volk, 2011
David F. Chuff, 2010
Lisa M. Hall, 2009
Lynn Volk, 2008
Michael M. Costello, 2007
Gail Rees, 2006
Gerald Ephault, 2005
Dr. Ned Boehm, 2004
Warren Watkins, 2003
Shirley Adams, 2002
William P. Rinaldi, 2001
Martin R. McGurrin, 2000
Patricia A. Kelly, 1999
Dr. John R. Williams, 1998

Class Leader of the Year Award

Frank Ohotnikcy, 2019
Julie Bialkowski, 2018
Scott Winschuh, 2017
Andrea Vozzi, 2016
Paul Nardone, 2015
Todd Monahan, 2014
Robbie Risley, 2013
Gerard Hetman, 2012
Marty Fotta, 2011
Steve Zayac, 2010
Ken Knelly, 2009

Shining Star Award

Luke Menifee, 2016
Angela Horan, 2015
Kristen Shemanski and Megan Swann, 2014
Gerard Hetman, 2012
Paul McGuiness, 2011
Bridgette K. McDonough, 2010
Kristie Ceruti, 2009

Chairman's Award

Kelley Lindsay, 2019
Robbie Risley, 2017
Maggie O'Brien, 2012

Lifetime Leadership Award

Prudential, 2018
Governor William W. Scranton, 2007

Legacy Award

Senator John Blake, 2019
The Reinheimer Family, John Kramer and Lisa Hall Zielinski, 2017
Dr. Edward Boehm, Jr. and Austin J. Burke, 2013

Volunteer of the Year Award

Lindsey Reinheimer Loss, 2017
Rocco A. Genovese, 2010

Advisor of the Year Award

Todd Pousley, 2019
Ken Knelly, 2012