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Logo & Policy


Logo & Policy

In an increasingly technological and collaborative world, we have a policy concerning the use of Leadership Lackawanna's name and logo in order to ensure its fair usage.  Leadership Lackawanna's logo, the Leadership Lackawanna name or trademarks - in or on press releases, ads, flyers, brochures, web pages, blogs, online newsletters, invitations, email addresses or usernames, etc.- should not be utilized unless prior staff review and written approval have been granted. Usage should respect copyright, privacy, fair use, financial disclosure, and other applicable laws.

The logo is the property of LL and will be issued to designated participants, upon request and approval. Logo use is limited to the promotion of group projects and is expected to be included on ALL materials produced by LL participants/groups.

Leadership Lackawanna's logo, the Leadership Lackawanna name or trademarks MUST be clearly identifiable and appear prominently on all marketing pieces and correspondence. Your benefitting organization must also be acknowledged ("In collaboration with"). Funding sources must be acknowledged as well ("Sponsored by" or "Funded by"). However, the LL brand and logo must appear as the larger, more dominant credit, not the funding source. The logo must remain in these primary colors.

Any questions or concerns regarding logo use should be directed to your advisor and will be brought before the LL Board of Directors.