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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


When did Tomorrow's Leaders Today (TLT) become a program of Leadership Lackawanna?
On July 1, 2011 TLT became a program of Leadership Lackawanna. Formerly under the Skills in Scranton division of The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, TLT was moved to create sequential leadership development opportunities for the citizens of NEPA. It made sense because Leadership Lackawanna already had a strong and established foundation of leadership and community service, an elaborate network of community nonprofits and an elaborate network of speakers and presenters. We can now leverage ideas and concepts while allowing room for growth and change. Together, LL and TLT can share human capital, share resources, demonstrate a strong Chamber brand and maximize the value added benefits, match youth and adults in a leadership environment, investigate the potential for expanded monetary and in-kind donations, and expand marketing, branding and media opportunities.

What is the difference between the Core and Executive Program?
The Core Program is a 10-month community education/leadership development program. It runs from September to June with day-long sessions typically held the second Thursday of each month. Leadership Lackawanna Core is open to anyone who is a leader at work or in the community, has the desire to expand his or her knowledge of the region and is willing to make the time commitment to successfully complete the program. The Executive Program is a 5-week program designed to assist top-level professionals in becoming more engaged in the community, broadening their social network and increasing their overall knowledge of the greater Scranton area. The program is open to public and private sector administrators/professionals in an executive level position.

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How long has Leadership Lackawanna been active in the community?
Leadership Lackawanna was founded on June 22, 1982, by private and public sector officials, and the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

Is this program available in other regions around the country?
There are over 1,000 community leadership programs like Leadership Lackawanna throughout the country. For other leadership related news, books, and web resources, visit our parent company, the Association of Leadership Programs.

What opportunities are available to me after graduating from a Leadership Lackawanna program?
You can serve on the Leadership Lackawanna Board of Directors or one of our various committees, like the Leadership Alumni Committee. You can join the Alumni and Friends Association and attend events at a discount. You can also rely on Leadership Lackawanna for continued networking and leadership development.

What is the class size?
The average class size for the Core Program and Teen Program is 30 participants. The average class size for the Executive Program is 10 participants.

When do I apply?
In the Spring, formal applications for the Core Program and Teen Program are accepted. In August/September, formal applications for the Executive Program are accepted.


How are participants selected?
Applications are judged by a selection committee who use structured criteria and a points system to select candidates.

Are scholarships available?
There are several partial scholarships available for qualified candidates applying to the Core Program only. Recipients are chosen by a selection committee.

What is the cost?
For the 2018-2019 program year - Tuition for the Core Program is $1,350, plus a $25 non-refundable application fee. In many cases, an employer or membership organization will pay this tuition to develop the leadership skills and encourage the community involvement of their employees or members. The Executive Program cost $925. Tomorrow's Leaders Today costs $200 per student, plus a $20 non-refundable application fee.

What are the benefits to an employer who sends an employee to a Leadership Lackawanna program?
By enrolling in Leadership Lackawanna, employers can provide their employees with enhanced leadership and decision-making skills as well as making them more connected and committed to the community. The program offers an opportunity to reward and invest in employees and improve retention. Employers will also gain access to additional opportunities for partnerships and new business relationships.

Am I eligible?
Anyone who is a leader at work or in the community, has the desire to expand his or her knowledge of the region, and is willing to make the time commitment is eligible to participate in the Core Program. The Executive Program is open to public and private sector administrators/professionals in an executive level position. All candidate must either live or work in Lackawanna County. Any sophomore attending high school in Lackawanna County may apply for participation in Tomorrow's Leaders Today. Students from the Lackawanna Trail and Western Wayne school districts are also eligible. Students should demonstrate leadership in both school and community activities, and express interest in increasing their awareness of northeastern Pennsylvania. If selected, the student must be a junior in high school to participate.