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Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Tomorrow's Leaders Today


Leadership Lackawanna’s seven-month Tomorrow’s Leaders Today program develops the leadership, interpersonal and managerial skills of high school juniors and provides real-world experiences in the areas of philanthropy, non-profit organizations and community service.  In addition to the skills learned and topics explored, the opportunities and challenges of northeastern Pennsylvania are discussed as participants network with community leaders and other high school students.  Sessions are held one full weekday each month.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Program accepts applications from sophomores who attend high school in Lackawanna County or in the Lackawanna Trail and Western Wayne school districts.

Each year, a class of approximately 34 students, representing various geographic areas and schools, will be selected to participate. The program runs from October through April. Sessions are held one full weekday each month from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. A graduation ceremony is held in the Spring.

Ultimately, upon completion of the monthly sessions, participants will have the necessary skills to become concerned and committed citizens who participate and invest in our community. High school students of today are the community and business leaders of tomorrow. Tomorrow's Leaders Today turns aspiring teens into future adult leaders.

Congrats to the Tomorrow's Leaders Today Class of 2019

  • Angelina Bellucci, Dunmore High School

  • Abygale Bergamino, Old Forge High School

  • Caroline Cadden, Holy Cross High School

  • Daniel E. Cummins, Jr., Abington Heights High School

  • Abigail Jean Dalton, Lackawanna Trail Jr/Sr High School

  • Emma Dwyer, Western Wayne High School

  • Fione Evans, Scranton High School

  • Brendan Fitzsimmons, Western Wayne High School

  • Colin Gilmartin, North Pocono High School

  • Dylan G. Howanitz, Valley View High School

  • Alyssa Iovacchini, Western Wayne High School

  • Collin Kneiss, Riverside Jr/Sr High School

  • Mikenna Lee, Lackawanna Trail Jr/Sr High School

  • Mariana Leo, Dunmore High School

  • Kylie J. Loughney, Abington Heights High School

  • Lydia Rae McConlogue, Scranton High School

  • Melony Ann Mitchell, Western Wayne High School

  • Abbie O'Brien, West Scranton High School

  • Leslie O'Connor, Holy Cross High School

  • Caitlin Pagnotti, West Scranton High School

  • Jenna Patel, Abington Heights High School

  • Najuk Alpesh Patel, Dunmore High School

  • Sydney R. Peet, Western Wayne High School

  • Jakob R. Quanbeck, Abington Heights High School

  • Simal Sami, Valley View High School

  • Nina Sophia Sampogne, Abington Heights High School

  • Meredith Santiago, Scranton High School

  • Rachel Saxton, Lackawanna Trail Jr/Sr High School

  • Taylor Marie Seprosky, Valley View High School

  • Danyelle Tech, Dunmore High School

  • Makenna Thorpe, Abington Heights High School

  • Nicholas Tomassoni, Valley View High School

  • Ryan W. Turlip, Valley View High School

  • Isaac Vierling, Lackawanna Trail Jr/Sr High School